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Part 1 of 3: Cleaning House - Maintaining Clean, Accurate Dental CRM Data

 August 10, 2022

Over the next several weeks in this series we’ll be exploring how maintaining a clean, verified and enriched CRM system is critical for dental manufacturers and dealers to achieve their growth strategies.

Dental suppliers looking to the future need better data growth strategies to help them both achieve and exceed sales targets, weather unpredictable markets and better understand their customers. Companies who use the right data to implement their growth strategies are enabled to innovate and win short term and long term. More importantly, experts say companies set themselves up to fail when their growth strategies rely on inadequate or inaccurate data. A basic data source for most companies is their CRM system and if CRM data isn’t up to snuff it can severely impact sales and marketing performance, limiting opportunities for growth. Consider: a study found that the average contact database is composed of at least 90% incomplete contacts.1 At the same time, location changes occur for more than 30% of dental providers every year.2

What’s the impact of incomplete and incorrect data? Here are a few considerations:

  • You could waste valuable time manually sifting through customer information guessing at what’s current and what needs to removed.
  • A messy database can cause frustration for your sales team, affecting motivation, retention and impacting your bottom line.

Even if your team is actively involved by updating your data every day, things can change in the dental industry extremely quickly. Practice profiles change, providers move and retire. Over time, dozens of little changes compound and cause your CRM to become outdated. Inaccurate customer and prospect records lead to wasted time and resources – which can in turn lead to a frustrated team and slower sales outreach. To improve your internal processes and ensure that you are working with the right information, you should be using a data cleanup solution.

Should you outsource CRM data cleansing or go it alone?

While it is possible to try to clean your data on your own, the process can be time-consuming, requiring you and members of your team to correct errors, remove duplicates, and even do deep dives to research missing data. A data cleanup service can expedite the process and streamline your sales and marketing, allowing you to get back to interacting with customers instead of seeking out data. As reported by the referenced study, your team may save up to one full business day a week by using a data insights service rather than collecting data on their own — that’s an extra day they could be reaching out to new prospects and closing deals. You can’t afford not to use a CRM data cleanup service, but not all of them are created equally.

What to look for in a CRM data cleansing service

Once you’ve decided that you need to clean up your CRM and that you’ve decided to outsource data cleanup, there are 4 critical questions you should ask yourself about any CRM data cleansing service you’re evaluating:

  1. Does your industry offer a standard to match, verify and clean your data against?
  2. Can the data cleansing service enrich your existing data?
  3. Will the CRM record cleanup service be able to identify provider movement?
  4. Is the service able to partner with your team to maintain an accurate CRM after it is cleansed?

In the ever-changing dental supply market, saving time, optimizing sales processes and having the right tools are of utmost importance. Maintaining a clean CRM platform is one way to streamline your sales and marketing efforts to help grow market share. DentalMarketIQ is the number one dental CRM optimization partner that manufacturers, dealers and labs entrust with their growth strategies. To get started, contact DentalMarketIQ today.

2 Internal study of DentalMarketIQ Master Provider & Location Index data, 2021.



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