Independent, Quantitatively Driven Dental Market Trend Data

The DentalMarketWatch® report from DentalMarketIQ® provides projections that serve as leading indicators for where the dental market is heading. There is no equal.

Delivered quarterly, DentalMarketWatch is the first and only independent, quantitatively driven source of U.S. dental market trend data that combines historical trends and projections.

See trends for the overall market and 7 procedure categories that relate to specific dental products and technologies before other public financial reports are available.

Oral examinations. Imaging. Preventive. Restorative. Endodontics. Periodontics. Implant services. No other report can inform resource investment and decision-making on such a wide variety of dental procedure categories.

Our exclusive predictive models have been successfully utilized and refined in a wide variety of industry predictive applications for over 20 years.

Professional Dental Market Analysis and Insights

Data Access

Built for the Dental Decision-Maker to Guide Future Strategy

Professional Dental Market Analysis and Insights

DentalMarketWatch helps you understand the external factors influencing utilization, which impacts dental manufacturer and supplier sales trendsAlong with data, the report also contains unique actionable insights from our industry experts that are not available anywhere else.

The utilization of dental services is influenced by many factors including insurance benefits and costs of treatment, technical innovation and more — as well as broader economic factors. Knowing what is behind the trends illuminated in DentalMarketWatch® adds precision to the predictive nature of the information and provides a one-of-a-kind understanding of the industry.

Our expert guidance ensures that the insights in the report are actionable with two consultative components delivered each quarter to support subscribers:

  • Quarterly narrative analyses from our clinical, insurance and industry experts
  • Quarterly review meetings to discuss specific actions your organization can take to put the insights to work

Unparalleled Data Access

Developed using the largest procedure-level dental insurance claims database available, the expert insights and unparalleled scope of data in this report make it a must have tool for understanding the dental industry.

  • Informed by one-third to one-half of all commercially insured claims activity nationally
  • Contains statistically significant claims volume for 89-90% of dentists in all specialties
  • Over 67 million dental insurance plan members in the U.S. represented in the database

Built for the Dental Decision-Maker: Guide Your Future Strategy

Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, laboratory or other industry stakeholder, running your business effectively requires a keen understanding of the surrounding market and where it’s headed next.

Projections are updated every quarter and underlying data is refreshed constantly, providing you with predictive insights to guide:

  • Future strategy, investment and resource allocation
  • Sales and marketing initiatives
  • Product planning

Trusted insights within the DentalMarketWatch report will empower your team to take the pulse of the current state of the industry, look ahead to where the market is headed next and plan future moves with confidence.

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Infographic - DentalMarketWatch from DentalMarketIQ - Which Direction Are the Dental Markets Heading?

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