Solutions to guide dental suppliers to the highest-potential sales targets and support their future growth strategies

With reliable, comprehensive data available, a hyper-targeted, efficient sales and marketing strategy — in any geography — is within reach for dental suppliers of all sizes.

DentalMarketIQ solutions are designed to address three basic needs that are emerging as the dental industry embraces data-driven marketing and sales strategies:

Understand Your Market

Understand Your Market
How large is it? Is it growing? How are you performing versus the available market?

Single Source of Truth

Establish a Single Source of Truth on All Active U.S. Dentists
Identify independent dentists and group practice members to discover growth opportunities. Enable precise team alignment. Cleanse and update your CRM data.

Practice-Level Profiling

Engage in Practice-Level Profiling
Prioritize engagement by utilizing metrics like Value as a Customer. Identify customer growth and cross-sell opportunities. Match content, message and offers to practice need (Personalized, 1:1 Marketing).

Featured Solutions

CRM Suite icon

When you clean and regularly optimize your CRM data with DentalMarketIQ, you’ll be ready to make the most of your sales and marketing resources.

CRM Optimization Suite

Targeting icon

Insights in customer segmentation and targeting, patient treatment patterns, pricing studies, territory alignment, score cards and by-ZIP code market trends.

Segmentation & Targeting Analysis

DentalMarketWatch Forecasting Report icon

Comprehensive historic trends that feed 12-month rolling projections on dental utilization, procedures and fees. Optimize supply chain, inventory or production. Market size, direction and trends for sales & marketing planning.
DentalMarketWatch® Forecasting Report

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