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The operatory opportunity: Only DentalMarketIQ unlocks this level of insight

Cold calling dental offices, scouring search engines, waiting at expensive conference booths — there must be a better way, right?

How can you be sure that you’re reaching the truly top targets for your products and understanding the scope of the opportunity in every practice? DentalMarketIQ Targeting & Segmentation solutions provide a new, simpler way to connect to top targets — no more relying on chance meetings, sales rep research or cold calling.

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What can you do with a custom Targeting & Segmentation Analysis?

Using the DentalMarketIQ Insights provided, you will be able to pursue growing and important market segments with greater precision and success by focusing engagement on high-volume practices where the conditions exist for deployment of your products.

A real-world example

Using implants as an example, with a DentalMarketIQ Targeting & Segmentation analysis you can:

  • Identify all practices where GPs are placing implants
  • Identify relative volumes for practices where GPs are placing implants
  • Confirm presence or absence of CBCT technology with practices where GPs are placing implants.
  • Identify current customers where GPs are active in the practice.
  • And more!

3 Steps to Multiple Growth Pathways

Want to know how DentalMarketIQ helps you identify growth opportunities with existing customers and uncover new prospects? Request a copy of our guide  "How Market Segmentation Analysis Works."

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Our Targeting & Segmentation analyses provide you with a list of high-value locations and/or dentists who perform the most procedures, customized to your market.

Match dentist-level profiling with your customer data to show multiple growth pathways.

Precisely segment to put the right message and content in front of targets.

See where you receive less than 100% of what's available to sell to existing customers

It’s time to think differently about how you reach your market. Targeting & Segmentation data insights from DentalMarketIQ can optimize your sales and marketing for every customer interaction.
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