Orchestrate your market vision across marketing, multiple sales teams, and more

A Single "Source of Truth" for Creating a Symphony of Growth

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Many manufacturers and suppliers lack clear insights into market, segment and even customer growth opportunities. DentalMarketIQ® unlocks an unprecedented level of market details by illuminating territory and even ZIP code level insights across a variety of dentist level metrics.

Where do you begin? Step one is getting everyone aligned with which market segments and specific targets to engage and which function or team is managing the engagement.

DentalMarketIQ's single "source of truth" will help you with:

  • Management of multiple stakeholders along with your own sales force and marketing team
  • The establishment and execution of a single market strategy with a multitude of field resources from multiple organizations
  • Alignment of channels, roles and responsibilities.

DentalMarketIQ helps you orchestrate success by seeing the market more clearly, allowing investment and deployment decisions to be based on facts. The result is you find the best opportunities faster.

Dental Market Insights That Help You Sell More and Spend Less

Segmentation & Targeting


Group Practice Identification

Group Practice




A full-service customized solution based on client-specified criteria, a Targeting report provides:

  • Strategy recommendations
  • Data and analytics
  • Consulting
  • Execution recommendations
  • Outcomes measurement

With targeting insights dental manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and labs have access to reporting that includes: Customer Targeting & Market Segmentation, Patient Treatment Patterns, Pricing Studies, Territory Alignment, Territory Score Cards and By-ZIP Code Market Trends

And more — all customized based on your specific business objectives.

GroupPracticeIQ® Plus, the Ultimate Dental Provider Search Engine.

Improve Marketing Effectiveness

Group Practice

DentalMarketIQ has combined unmatched industry and analytics expertise with the largest by dentist, procedure-level data repository and the most accurate and current Master Index of Dental Providers available. The result provides dental suppliers with:

  • Data & insights updated quarterly with analyses, trends and key highlights including identification of the fastest growing groups and mergers and acquisitions
  • Data organized to include practices, locations and providers, all with linked affiliation relationships
  • A complete listing of all practices with more than 5 locations

Accompanying insights and analyses highlight key group practice trends, including:

  • Fastest growing practices based on number of locations
  • New member groups in each group classification
  • Group practice trends by region

GroupPracticeIQ Plus helps dental suppliers to understand who the large, medium, small and emerging group practices are in order to drive strategy, improve sales and marketing effectiveness, allocate resources and enhance group practice relationship management.

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